Roanhorse REPORT 2023


In 2023, we partnered with Roanhorse Consulting, an Indigenous-led firm, to co-develop an equitable evaluation model that honors the principles of the Equity Healing Framework. The process was designed to gather feedback from community partners about how we’re showing up now and how we can best support their work going forward. Grounded in Indigenous knowledge, Roanhorse’s evaluation framework asked what people know, see and feel. In doing so, their questions prioritized and centered the lived experiences of community partners — capturing rich feedback from multiple perspectives.

We are fully committed to this journey of becoming a more equitable and community-guided organization.  The feedback gathered through this process has been invaluable as we move beyond nice words on a page to grounding our Equity Healing Framework in tangible action. We invite everyone to read the full report of Roanhorse’s findings linked above.

Moving forward, we remain dedicated to listening, learning and evolving in partnership with communities.


Equity Healing Framework 2022


Driving our work and our investments is a dedicated commitment to supporting communities across the Inland Northwest whose members have been most impacted by historical injustices, persistent inequities and economic disparities.

Adopted in 2022, the Equity Healing Framework grows out of what EHF has learned from our past work and from our community partners — that the role of philanthropy is not to solve; it is to support; to ensure communities have ongoing resources for healing.

That support means recognizing, learning from and amplifying the expertise and lived experience within those communities. It means working in ways that are community-focused rather than issues focused. It means approaching BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+ and economically disadvantaged/rural communities with curiosity and humility and working in partnership with community leaders and organizations to co-create conditions for healing.