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Aligning Our Investments with Our Values

EHF is embarking on a 10-year journey to align our financial investments with our organizational principles.

We will be phasing out traditional investing in stocks, bonds, and similar financial instruments and moving our financial resources into investments that support our community and are driven by our values.

We’ve already divested from companies that negatively impact community health, including those profiting from:

  • Tobacco and alcohol
  • Soda, sugary snacks, and fast food
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Imprisonment and prison labor

Now, we intend to invest in companies that have strong environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) scores and support our mission of health equity.

We will also be shifting significant resources to sustainable, impact-first investments that build community capacity. Our goal is that these are informed by and closer to the community, creating virtuous cycles of re-investment over time. We’ve already made a couple small, direct investments in community housing and a service provider platform.


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