Amplifying Community Stories Funding Opportunity

Stories are a powerful mechanism by which communities shape their identity and engagement in the broader region. The Amplifying Community Stories Initiative is aimed at resourcing community-based organizations to develop stories that can help shape community health and vitality coming out of the Pandemic, focusing in particular on those communities that have been under supported by systems in our region and have been subject to persistent health inequities. Check out our RFP to learn more and explore whether this funding opportunity is a fit for your community.

Empire Health Foundation boldly advances health equity in eastern Washington and beyond. As collaborators, we pursue innovative solutions and transform systems to improve health and quality of life.

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We commit to making health equity the foundation of our work. Our organization is striving to understand and effectively address health equity needs by collaborating with community leaders and organizations, leveraging resources, and building local capacity to measurably and sustainability improve the health of all people.

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“Change isn’t easy and our approach to philanthropy takes some getting used to, but together with our community partners, we’re making meaningful progress.”

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