Our Approach


For us, everything starts with community voices.

The people and communities in our region who are most impacted by systemic and historic inequities and injustice have the solutions and expertise for solving the most pressing issues they face. Guided by the principles of our Equity Healing Framework, we leverage our financial and political capital on behalf of and in partnership with communities most impacted by health inequities in the Inland Northwest.

We believe these communities must have access to the right power and resources to act on the solutions they alone hold. That’s why we’re working to be a true partner — one who can take the lead of communities and provide more than funding.

We are committed to playing a variety of roles:
  • Grantmaker and investor, providing essential and flexible financial support.
  • Community convener, holding space for local leaders to heal from historical trauma, grow together as individuals and professionals, and build strong connections across communities.
  • Cross-sector convener, who works to bridge differences and hold space for challenging and productive conversations.
  • bridge-builder between power structures and communities, bringing people together to more effectively address common goals.
  • Amplifier of the vital work occurring in community through advocacy and storytelling.


Our funding prioritizes the leaders and community organizations working to address inequities and accelerate racial, social and economic justice in the Inland Northwest. Data shows us that Black, Indigenous and other People of Color, people with disabilities, 2SLGBTQIA+ and rural low-income communities in our region consistently and persistently bear the weight of our ineffective systems and are most impacted by health inequities. Direct input from community members reinforces this reality. As the largest private funder in our region, we commit our position, resources and energies to advance these communities’ ideas, solutions and dreams for transformational change.